Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adventures in Multicultural Living under attack for un-American and anti-Thanksgiving activities!

Who knew eating Thai butternut squash curry at Thanksgiving would be so controversial? I am surprised by the hostility this article engendered. I thought it was so innocent, just talking about food and how clueless I was as a child. I know these fellows are in the minority, but who knew people could feel so threatened by sticky rice stuffing? Read down to the comments.

Creating our own multicultural Thanksgiving traditions -

But in various conversations that follow, one reader writes ironically on Facebook about the sanctity of traditions: "I say we should all eat jello, green been casserole with Campbell's soup and marshmallows like the Pilgrims did, and celebrate wiping out the Wampanoag and the Pequot."

Another surprising but similar eruption of hostility after the very first article of the series, almost a year ago:

The Ann Arbor Chronicle » Column: Adventures in Multicultural Living

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