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An energetic and engaging speaker, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang can address a number of different diversity, race, social justice activism, social media, cultural competency, business, multicultural parenting, Asian Pacific American history and identity, and Chinese culture topics. She uses a variety of sources, from historical events to pop culture, with multimedia technology and cute toys to keep things lively and fun. The focus often comes back to practical strategies and calls to action.

The pace is fast and the challenges put to the audience are high, but these seminars, workshops, talks, and readings can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of your group (i.e. Asian Pacific American associations, adoptive families, teachers, college students, teenagers, grandparents, multicultural audiences, language schools, children, business professionals).

Talks are given in English, but may be given in Mandarin Chinese upon special request and ample warning.

Special discounts if you are in a cool city! Contact fkwang888 AT gmail DOT com TODAY!

Disparities Facing Asian-Americans in the Healthcare System: Frances Kai-Hwa Wang Keynote Talk at the 2016 Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association (APAMSA) Region V Midwest Conference held at the University of Michigan, January 2016


Asian/Pacific Islander American media and new media landscape (NEW!)
Using Asian American stereotypes in the media as an easy and visual entry point into Asian American history and identity, examine connections between Asian American media stereotypes and historical anxieties and what is going on today with Islamophobia and bullying and hate crimes. Survey landscape of Asian American and ethnic media, literature, and must-read Asian American writers, bloggers, poets, thought leaders, and public intellectuals. Challenge yourself to become critical readers and activist content creators, and then meet some cool Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders and hot Asian American and Pacific Islander stereotype busters.

Asian American identity and writing
Writing your way into identity. Who are the must-read Asian American writers, bloggers, poets, comedians, thought leaders, and public intellectuals? How to become critical readers, saavy consumers of media, and activist content creators? Who is going to tell your story beyond quaint childhood and cute grandma? (Lecture and/or writing workshop)

Storytelling and Social Studies!
Presentations for communities striving to build connections using Asian and Asian American stories combined with Social Studies content, language, and the arts (classical and folkarts and song). To build community, to strengthen identities, to celebrate both the commonalities and the uniqueness among us, to prepare all our children for both multicultural and global futures. Interactive. Visual. Hands-on. Fun. Strategies to help schools and communities reach out to families to participate more fully. Will work with art teacher for additional crafts. For K12 and families.

Commencement and Awards Ceremonies:
"This is an interesting moment to be coming of age as an Asian American. We are post-Tiger Mother, post-Jeremy Lin, post-Gangnam Style. We are supposed to be post-racial too by now, but the news coming in from college campuses around the country clearly suggest otherwise. We are still struggling with issues of bullying, violence, stereotypes, and media representation. At the same time, America is both fascinated and terrified of the possibilities that are China, Korea, India, Pakistan. As young Asian Americans, you stand at the confluence of history and family and cultures. In addition to all your school and work and extracurricular activities, you are in the process of shaping your identity and cultivating your character in the midst of many contradictory influences. Anything is possible, but it takes courage and intention."

"Becoming Badass APA" or "Badass APA Women" a social activism workshop (currently in development with Disgrasian.com's Jen Wang and ThickDumplingSkin.com's Lisa Lee):
It is not enough to talk about race, and it is not enough to talk about gender, that there are all sorts of competing factors and forces and stereotypes and pressures all at work here, making it really hard to figure out how to be Asian, American, Asian American, girl, woman, daughter, partner, friend, mother, community member, leader,...oneself? Asian American women have the highest rates of depression and suicide, as well as the lowest self-esteem. We don't even need to get into the scars of the Tiger Mother (but we will, gladly). Thus this Asian American Girl Power or Asian American Badass Training Session--Half empowerment, half hands-on practical strategies. Come meet leading Asian American women writers and thinkers who are tired of the BS and ready for the Badass. We will talk about Asian American identity, parental expectations, social stereotypes, body image, SEX (don't tell our parents), dating, friendship, mental health, leadership, and more. Boys and men are welcome to attend, too. (Can be tailored for men and women together, or just girls and women).

Prose Poetry Reading: 
At the "Navigating the underCurrents" poetry reading curated by author May-lee Chai as part of the Asian American Women’s Artists Association (AAWAA) "underCurrents & the Quest for Space" art show at SOMArts Gallery in San Francisco, 2013. Excerpt at http://vimeo.com/midolee/aawaaundercurrents2013 at the 2:04 mark:

Multicultural Toolbox--Strategies for Raising our Children with Culture(s) and Pride:
How do we make cultural education a part of our everyday lives and our decision-making. How do we teach our children about their cultural heritage? What are some tools, strategies, and resources we can use to build positive self-esteem and ethnic identity? How do we make teaching about their/our/other culture(s) and values a normal part of everyday life in America? How important is language? How do we prepare our children for racism? How do we extend our lessons about being bicultural to multicultural? This program will introduce practical tools and strategies for incorporating culture(s) into a multicultural lifestyle. Can be tailored for adoptive parents, educators, grandparents, Asian and Asian American audience, general multicultural audience, etc.

Strategies for Raising Bilingual and Multilingual Children:
Practical, hands-on strategies and tools based in cultural pride for teaching your child a second (or third) language, whether you speak it fluently or not! Can be tailored for adoptive parents, grandparents, Asian and Asian American audience, general multicultural audience, etc.

Beyond Amy Chua Tiger Mother: Raising confident and cultured children for the 21st century (Hint: It's more than violin lessons and no sleepovers)

Asian Pacific American History and Heroes--Stories of Resistance and Courage:
A survey of the history and heroes of Asian Pacific America that is not usually taught in schools, with a celebration of the many contributions Asian Pacific Americans have made and continue to make to this country.
Video: http://www.aadl.org/video/view/152 (in the second half of this too-long video)

Becoming Asian American...in the Midwest?!!--A Personal Journey of Identity and Culture
Video: http://www.aadl.org/video/view/152 (first half of this too-long video)

Vincent Chin and Asian Pacific American Civil Rights:
Learn about this landmark case, the beginnings of the Asian Pacific American community, civil rights implications for Asian Americans, the triumph of multiracial and multiethnic coalitions, protecting ourselves against hate crimes, the continuing challenges for all of us to be alert and involved. (At the 1:10 mark):

Hate Crimes: Identifying and protecting yourself and your children against hate crimes--before, during, after.

Preparing our Children for Racism
Laying the Groundwork, From Understanding to Action, Resources for Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Our Kids to Critically Read and Deflate Media Stereotypes
Finding the Missing Asian is only step one. Talk back to your tv! Keep it real! Strategies to take control of the stereotypes before they take control of you.

APA Girl Power!
APA girls face unique and sometimes conflicting challenges to growing up proud and strong in both Asian and American societies. Some thoughts and strategies to help them develop their strength and pride and voice.

Using Books to Teach our Children Language and Culture(s)
Practical, hands-on strategies for using the books at hand to teach language and culture(s), including translating books, defacing books, borrowing other culture(s).

Objective Reality and Hawaii of the Mind--Critical Thinking and Virtual Community
Truth, Truisms, and Virtual Community--Part of Becoming Asian American Series

Cultural Competency China: Simple pleasantries and basic survival tips on how to not offend folks too much on your first trip and while doing business in China or Taiwan

Cultural Competency Asia: Simple pleasantries and basic survival tips on how to not offend folks too much on your first trip and while doing business in Asia

Cultural Competency Asian Pacific America: Simple pleasantries and basic survival tips on how to not offend folks too much while living and working with Asian Pacific Americans

Lunar New Year Festival--Stories, Traditions, and Song
(with interactive Nian, dumpling, or zodiac play) See link for more details.

Lantern Festival--Stories, Traditions, Lion Dancing, and Parades
(with interactive Yuan Xiao play)

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival--Stories and Traditions
(with interactive Moon Lady play)

Chinese Valentine's Day--Stories and Traditions
(with interactive Cowherd and Weaving Maiden play)

Asian Pacific American Storytime--Reading stories about Asian Pacific American children set in America like Sam and the Lucky Money, Dumpling Soup, Halmoni and the Picnic, Bee Bim Bop, Lights for Gita.

"Lions, Dragons, and Painted Faces--The Masked Traditions of China" in collaboration with Carol Stepanchuk of University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies.

Writing: Finding your Voice

Writing: Jumpstart your Memoir

Writing: Writing your way through crisis and change (aka life)

Writing: Exploring personal narrative essays

Writing: Exploring creative non-fiction and prose poetry

Writing: Ethical Wills--a love letter to your family

Cooking: guided dumpling making parties and make-your-own-sushi parties: Your house, your friends, your kitchen, and I'll teach you and your friends how to make and cook Chinese dumplings or simple sushi, with stories, history, culture, and recipes.

Performance Add-On: If you are not too far away, Frances MAY be able to arrange to bring Lion Dancers, Chinese Yo Yo virtuosos, and/or Chinese dance performers from the Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan or Ann Arbor Chinese Dancing School or others. However, please note that these performers are children aged 3-18 and so are not able to perform during school days, too late at night, or too far away from Ann Arbor. Red Envelopes with $1-$8+ are requested for each performer.

Level of the talk will be tailored to the age group and restlessness of the students.

Technical requirements: A projector capable of interfacing with a PC and running Power Point, a screen, speakers, and podium are requested for a full multimedia presentation. A CD Player is needed for children's presentations and performances. A microphone is requested for large spaces with bad acoustics. Internet access is preferred. One long table is also nice for a traveling display of dolls, posters, and other fun APA toys. If we decide to do any book and toy sales, then some assistance with sales will be required.

Documentation: Please send copies of photos, videos, promotional materials, newsletters, and newspaper clippings of events to Ms. Wang for her mom's scrapbook.

Cancellation: Two weeks cancellation notice requested. If you cancel with less than two weeks notice, Ms. Wang respectfully requests 50% of the agreed upon speaker's fee to compensate for her preparation time. Snow Days not-withstanding.

Cool Cities: Special discounts for venues in cool cities where Frances has relatives and friends!

CONTACT NOW for your school or parents' group! Email fkwang888 AT gmail DOT com
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