Special Events: Are you trying to figure out how to make your special events raise more funds, cost less money, attract more people (donors and attendees), look more polished, better serve your mission/goals, and more importantly, be less work/less painful? Let me troubleshoot your special events to help you find a way to make them run more efficiently and more effectively.

Board of Directors: Is your board going through a generational or cultural transition/crisis? Are you having trouble bringing your organization into the current day? Does your Board have two factions that need to come together in a culturally appropriate way? Let me troubleshoot your Board drama to help you find a way to bring everyone together and actually get things done. (if possible).

Fundraising, Grantwriting, Marketing: Do your programming, outreach, fundraising, marketing, and mission all fit together in a way that each supports the other? How can you use fundraising and marketing to support the long-term health of your organization's mission? More important than mission, how do you make your fundraising and marketing support your organization's vision? Let me troubleshoot your fundraising and marketing strategy to help you find a way to raise more funds and get more done, in a less painful way. 

Mission and Vision: I really believe that organizations and companies (and dogs, for that matter) take on the personalities of their leaders. Key to building a well-functioning organization (and well-trained dog) is to have a mission and vision, to be consistent, and to use your mission and vision to guide your organization's development and decision making. When everything is lined up, that means less work and less pain for all. Let me troubleshoot your organizational strategy to help you find a way to make everything line up with your mission and to help guide you towards your vision for the organization.  

Creative Solutions: I love finding creative solutions that are cost effective and support your mission. Bonus points if those solutions are fun. I am the daughter of an engineer (meaning, I am great at designing efficient and effective solutions, I just can't do calculus). Let me help you troubleshoot the issues facing your nonprofit, organization, or company today.  

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