Writing Resources

Memoir: Literary Style and the Lessons of Memoir | The New Yorker

Memoir: My Last Day as a Surgeon | The New Yorker

Handwriting is coming back in style for scientific and practical reasons for adults and children — Quartz

Poetry: Understanding Poetry Is More Straightforward Than You Think - The New York Times

Writing Prompts: 50 Creative Nonfiction Prompts Guaranteed to Inspire - Bookfox

How to Change World w Writing

5 tips for writing to change world

Nea2cc #NoGreenRoadBusYard case study (video)

9 ways to review and revise your writing - Poynter

Tips to make you a better storyteller - Poynter

Ask Chip: Says vs. Said. - Poynter

12 tips for writing fast – or at least faster - Poynter

15 tips for handling quotes – Poynter

10 tips for making hard facts easy reading – Poynter

Branding Infographic: Tips for Storytellers: Your personal brand

Writing Memorable Characters, via Finding Nemo - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS™

Is it original? An editor’s guide to identifying plagiarism | Poynter.

All-Time Favorite Writing Prompts | The Ploughshares Blog

16 Important Publishing Tips I Picked Up at a Writers Conference | BlogHer

Submission Tip #36: Avoid These In the many... - The New York Times - Modern Love

Why Walking Helps Us Think - The New Yorker

Grammar: Grammar Girl : The Oxford Comma, in Pictures :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™

Grammar: The Oxford Comma Is Extremely Important And Everyone Should Be Using It

Kurt Vonnegut! How to Write with Style: Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Keys to the Power of the Written Word | Brain Pickings

Dialogue: The Thing Said: Ten Thoughts on Writing Dialogue in Memoir | The Least You Need to Know

21st Century Interviewing Techniques for Journalists

How To Write A Press Release That Doesn't Completely Suck | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Plot infographic: The clues to a great story | Ted Talk Andrew Stanton Pixar

Plot infographic: The Four Undramatic Plot Structures - The New Yorker

Asian American and Pacific Islander Resources

NBC News Asian America
(or google my whole name, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, plus whatever topic you're looking for to see what I've written about it lately... add NBC or NBCNews and Asian if you want NBC specific result)

From The Rise of the Asian-American Blog: Ones to Watch in 2015 - NBC News

  • is a personal blog about all things Asian American, with an emphasis on news, pop culture, entertainment, and bluntly calling out racism with humor and heart.
  • is a personal blog about Asian American activism, identity, feminism, and pop culture with lots of in-depth and accessible analysis.
  • is a collaborative blog of Asian Americans and Asian Canadians featuring original, diverse commentary and discussion on issues that affect Asian communities around the world.
  • is a collaborative North American-based blog offering a curated take on South Asian art, literature, life, and news.
  • is a personal blog about the struggles and joys (and food and books) of Asian American and hapa individuals and families trying to bring together Asian immigrant cultures and mainstream American culture.
  • is a collaborative blog of, well, nerds, geeks, and fans of color who love superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, and video games, and who analyze the nerd/geek fandom with a culturally critical eye.
  • is an Asian American Guide to Sports.
  • is a community blog for Asian Americans to share and discuss their struggles with food and body image and examine how these issues connect with social, cultural, and familial issues.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Literary Resources

From Celebrating Asian-American Poets: Emerging Writers to Read - NBC News and 

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