Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vistaara: UM IASA Indian American Cultural Show this Friday -

I was walking past the Michigan Theater in the evening once, years ago, trying to decide where to get a cup of tea, when I was suddenly swept up in a bustling crowd full of beautiful dark-haired women in glittering saris, handsome graying men in suits. Only a moment ago, the street had been empty, quiet, nothing but mist. Now the street and sidewalks are bursting with Indian American families—grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles, little cousins boys and girls—rushing (late) from all directions. Everyone is dressed up, talking excitedly, headed for the show. And as suddenly as everyone appeared, they all disappear, and it is quiet; just me again, standing alone in the mist.

“Oh! It’s the Indian American Cultural Show!” I remember too late once again to actually get tickets. It is well known in the Asian American community that UM’s Indian American Students Association (IASA) Cultural Show is one of our great cultural treasures and that this show always sells out. For years I have wanted to go. For years my Indian American friends have laughed at me for trying to find tickets only two weeks in advance. This year I discover that this 22-year-old show has moved to Hill Auditorium and tickets are still available! Tickets will even be available at the door (but will sell out the day of the show so they recommend getting tickets through the Michigan Union Ticket Office or Ticketmaster beforehand).

Check out the trailer. This is not your average student production. (click on link for more)

Vistaara: UM IASA Indian American Cultural Show this Friday -

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