Monday, November 2, 2009

AML- Relishing Real World Halloween Costumes - NAM EthnoBlog

Today Adventures in Multicultural Living takes that six-foot battle axe to New America Media's cool new Ethnoblog!

After spending the weeks leading up to Halloween researching horrific racist and sexist costumes, and commiserating with other Asian American activists, it was a pleasure to attend the University of Michigan Halloween Concert and see that all is still well in the real world. Those online commercial costume Web sites may be glitzy and gross, but they are for the uninspired minority.

The children and I sit in the mezzanine of Hill Auditorium in front of about three or four rows of giant bumblebees. The closest one is a big stout bumblebee with a beard, long black arms folded across his yellow-striped chest, stern expression on his face, sparkly silver antennae dangling in the air in time with the music. (click on link for more)

Relishing Real World Halloween Costumes - NAM EthnoBlog

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