Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reader Letter re Language Learning


"I read an article on the Internet that you had written. My children are turning 1 this week. My life goal for them is to have them speak 3 languages from the time they can speak. I speak English and Spanish. We speak both in our home. I want to know if you know anyone in Dallas area that has a Chinese daycare or language school. Thank you, C.D."

Good for you! What a great gift you are giving your children!

I would suggest that you contact your local Organization of Chinese Americans (which i know is active in your area), other Chinese American associations, your local university, your local Chinese grocery store (check the bulletin board), your local Chinese newspaper, and your local Chinese restaurant to ask about Chinese schools, Chinese daycare, Chinese babysitters, Chinese tutors. It may take some detective work to track down the right person and right situation for you, but you are starting early so that is good. Just keep asking. And start taking classes yourself.

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang

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