Saturday, April 23, 2022

Suggest a Title (my title) for the 2023 Washtenaw Reads!

Friends! Please help me out by suggesting my book, You Cannot Resist Me When My Hair Is in Braids by Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, for the 2023 Washtenaw Reads! It's an easy form, won't even take you one minute, and wouldn't it be great to get the whole county and all the libraries buying and reading my book? Please go to this link:

Suggest a Title for the 2023 Washtenaw Reads!

Do you have a suggestion for what everyone should read for the 2023 Washtenaw Reads?

Books chosen for the Reads should meet the following criteria:

• Titles should be engaging and thought-provoking.

• The subjects discussed should be accessible to readers throughout the community, high-school age and above.

• The length, price, and availability of the book should be suited to involvement by the general public.

• The book should be by a living author.

• Its treatment of issues should encourage readers to discuss the issues further with others, at home, work, reading clubs, and community events.

• Ideally, the subject should lead to constructive dialogues across our diverse communities.

Go to this link:

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