Tuesday, March 1, 2022

You Cannot Resist Me When My Hair Is in Braids Launching March 1

You Cannot Resist Me When My Hair Is in Braids, my first book, Launching March 1

Praise for You Cannot Resist Me When My Hair Is in Braids 

“Frances Kai-Hwa Wang languages desire with a refreshing candor and mischievous wit. She talks story of divorce, of messy relationships, and of enduring humiliating racist and misogynistic microaggressions because she is an Asian American woman. Wang’s prose poems and lyric essays ring with wisdom and hard-earned truths and dreamlike reveries in this unforgettable collection.” —May-lee Chai, author of Useful Phrases for Immigrants: Stories, winner of the American Book Award 

“‘I do not know if one ever recovers from Kathmandu,’ the speaker in one of Frances Kai-Hwa Wang’s poems ruminates, and I don’t know if we ever recover—or want to recover—from You Cannot Resist Me When My Hair Is in Braids, which is part of the marvelous linguistic spell that is cast in this book. By turns whimsical, romantic, witty, hybrid, self-deprecating, fierce, intertextual, hashtagged, polylingual, and full of a radiant empathy that connects us to Vincent Chin, George Zimmerman, Sun Ku Wong, Hanuman, and Milan Kundera, this is a collection that astounds, surprises, and delights, which encapsulates much of what a book that leaves an indelible mark should do. Yay Frances for a collection that rocks!” —Dr. Ravi Shankar, Pushcart Prize–winning author of Correctional 

“You Cannot Resist Me When My Hair Is in Braids is a great gathering of the many contradictions, the multifaceted multitudes, of Frances Kai-Hwa Wang. Across its pages of aphorism, prose poem, micro-fiction, and lyric essay, we encounter Patsy Cline heartache and AOC outrage, delivered in a humor that is solely Wang’s own.” —Tim Tomlinson, director and cofounder of New York Writers Workshop, author of Requiem for the Tree Fort I Set on Fire and This Is Not Happening to You

Purchase your copy today https://www.wsupress.wayne.edu/books/detail/you-cannot-resist-me-when-my-hair-braids

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