Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shout outs from Seattle Mikado and more updates

Shout outs from Seattle re Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society's The Mikado re my article on NBC News Stereotypes in 'The Mikado' Stir Controversy in Seattle - NBC News

shoutout from Brendan Killey in Seattle in The Stranger
The Problem with The Mikado by Brendan Kiley - Seattle Theater - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper

shoutout from Sharon Chan's follow up piece in the Seattle Times
‘The Mikado,' yellowface and seeing the Seattle show | Opinion Northwest | Seattle Times

shoutout and actress Erin Quill's EPIC fierce takedown
I have “A Little List’ too – buckle up. #TheMikado #Gilbert&Sullivan | fairyprincessdiaries

and those poor theatre people still don't know what hit them
Guest: ‘The Mikado’ is worth performing | Opinion | The Seattle Times

Update 7/27/14: And now Richard Lui brings the first and only television cameras into the theatre
Operetta under fire as racially offensive | MSNBC
Critics accuse opera of depicting yellowface | MSNBC  with Melissa Harris Perry

Update 7/28/14: From Mu Performing Arts in Minneapolis, how it can be done
Guest: Making ‘The Mikado’ without Asian stereotypes | Opinion | The Seattle Times

Shoutout in larger context of yellowface and brownface
HBO's 'Jonah From Tonga' Latest to Stir Brownface and Yellowface Debate - NBC

UPDATE 7/28/14: Here are earlier articles and resources from earlier in the process, starting with Sharon Chan's opinion piece in the Seattle Times, Jeff Yang's thoughtful piece in CNN, protests from OCA and JACL, and radio interviews with the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan folks, and more:
The yellowface of “The Mikado” in your face | Opinion | The Seattle Times
Opinion: Yellowface staging of 'Mikado' has to end -
Real-life yellowface! Now playing in Seattle. | Angry Asian Man
Seattle Revival of ‘The Mikado’ Insists on Bringing Yellowface Back With It - COLORLINES
Undoing “Mikado”: Japan is not an imaginary place, and I am not a metaphor | Reappropriate
Yelp and Yellowface: Nikkei Protests and The Mikado in 2014 – The Seattle Star
» OCA Greater Seattle on ‘The Mikado’ / OCA Seattle
JACL Criticizes ‘Mikado’ Production in Seattle – Rafu Shimpo
Japanese American Citizens League Website
'The Mikado' debate: Dave Ross vs. Seattle Times' Sharon Pian Chan - Local -
The ‘Mikado’ controversy: A call for calm discourse | The Arts | The Seattle Times
‘Asian Blackface’ in The Mikado Stirs Controversy in Seattle - WQXR
Opera's Old-Fashioned Race Problem - Gwynn Guilford - The Atlantic
Why Evangelicals Should Care About 'The Mikado' Controversy If They Care About Reconciliation in the Church - Bo Lim | God's Politics Blog | Sojourners
It’s time to take the offensive yellowface of “The Mikado” off the stage | NIKKEI VIEW: The Asian American Blog - GIL ASAKAWA'S JAPANESE AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE ON POP CULTURE, MEDIA & POLITICS
Lodestone presents THE MIKADO PROJECT (Mar07)
The Mikado Project

And because that list was way longer and more depressing than I anticipated, let's watch a video and give The Mikado Project some love (available on DVD from Amazon):

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