Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AML: Kung Pao Kosher Christmas? - AnnArbor.com

I once had a Jewish housemate who explained the different types of silverware her family needed to keep kosher—one set for meat, one set for dairy, and one set of disposable chopsticks for Chinese take-out. She also described how Jewish people go out for Chinese food on Christmas day because Chinese restaurants are always open (and back then, the only other people not celebrating Christmas). I never knew how critical my culture was for her culture.

Several years ago, I was amused to learn how some Jewish communities were taking that tradition another step and organizing big Jewish comedy shows at Chinese restaurants on Christmas Day. The organizers of one such event in San Jose, California, told the San Jose Mercury News at the time that they had had a difficult time explaining their proposal to the Chinese restaurant owners, who had not even realized that so many of their customers that day were Jewish, or why. We do not always realize the impact of how we intersect with other people, other cultures. (click on link for more)

Kung Pao Kosher Christmas? - AnnArbor.com

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