Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adventures in Multicultural Living--Nigerian Gele Headwrapping Workshop at AADL Traverwood - AnnArbor.com

I have one good winter hat that I picked up in a Wisconsin hat shop in 1991. This is the one hat that I have worn every day of every winter ever since. I love this hat, but how safe. How dull. My daughter is currently trying to figure out how to re-create a traditional Turkish turban/hat to cosplay as a character from the manga, Hetalia. I keep telling her that it is more complicated than it looks, that there is a technique to it, that you have to have a certain touch, and I find myself quietly eyeing the many patkas and dastaars I see in town and wondering, "How is it done?" Here is an opportunity to put our hands on the fabric and make the motions and develop the touch...and adorn ourselves in a beautiful new way. The Ann Arbor District Library is hosting a Nigerian Gele Headwrapping Workshop this Saturday: (click on link for more)

Nigerian Gele headwrapping workshop at AADL Traverwood - AnnArbor.com

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