Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Adventures in Multicultural Living Launch at AnnArbor.com

My column, Adventures in Multicultural Living, has just celebrated its one-year anniversary, shifted to a weekly format, and moved to AnnArbor.com (formerly The Ann Arbor News). I’ll also be blogging twice a week about upcoming multicultural activities in the community. They may also reprint these columns in the Sunday paper—on paper—so look for it! Thanks for posting your comments and forwarding the link on to your friends.

Join me as I explore Ann Arbor through a cross-cultural lens - AnnArbor.com

When I first came to Ann Arbor from California for graduate school oh so many years ago, I felt out of place, conspicuous, like a foreigner, like I was not wanted and I did not belong. Without a feeling of safety and understanding, it was difficult for me to maintain my footing, and I planned to graduate and run away as soon as possible.

But on my way out of town, I met a handsome man who laughed at my jokes and convinced me to stay just a little longer. Slowly, I managed to find a place for myself and my young family, to create the kind of community in which I wanted to raise my children, strong and proud in their own skin. Without any sort of multicultural What to Expect book, I had to write my own...


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