Thursday, July 6, 2017

Teaching today "Writing from the heart"

Writing from the Heart begins today at UHH

The most powerful writing comes from the heart. What do you care about? What inspires you? What is special in your life? Write about the people and things that matter to you. Write to touch, inspire, move, persuade, and provoke readers. Write with emotion, write with spirit. Write from your own truest self to help others find theirs. This course explores the kind of writing that changes people, oneself included. And it begins honestly, one word, one day at a time. Short writing exercises, tips and tricks, including creating a safe space for writing, writing every day, reading aloud, overcoming barriers to writing, taking chances with emotion and humor, techniques to inspire and persuade, writing to find our own truest self. Bring a notebook and pen.

University of Hawaii Hilo, three Thursdays in July, beginning today, July 6 from 5-7:30pm at UH Hilo's University Classroom Building (UCB) Room 104.

Register now! WritingfromtheHeart

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