Saturday, October 29, 2016

Speaking at the Berkeley Narrative Journalism Conference today

Today! Looking forward to speaking at the Berkeley Narrative Journalism Conference -- on two panels!
Beyond the Page: Exploring the edges of nonfiction. What forms can narrative take when it’s freed from daily deadlines, paragraphs, and even the page? Four veteran journalists grapple with tough subjects in works that blend still images, voice, poetry, prose, and even virtual reality. Their work is as much mixed media as multimedia; we’ll explore it all. McKenzie Funk, Keris Salmon, Lakshmi Sarah, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, moderated by Jessica Carew Kraft. ROOM: Upper Newsroom
Writing about Race. Review the news landscape over the past year and pick out the gnawing domestic issues. One of them, surely, is race, whether in cop stories, social justice, or presidential politics. Daily stories have given us a litany of police killings, The New Yorker profiled the leaders of Black Lives Matter, and polls reflect the coverage of Donald Trump’s statements about Mexicans and Muslims. But how do we, as narrative journalists, step away from daily news and discern the contours of the larger, epic story? How do we navigate shifting currents and the winds of political correctness without losing our way? JamilahKing, Jon Steinberg, Alex Tizon, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, moderated by Tyche Hendricks. ROOM: Library
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