Sunday, March 13, 2016

Meet our neighborhood #NoGreenRoadBusYard

Message to University of Michigan, Dr. Mark Schlissel, and UM Regents, who are planning to build an industrial bus yard in the middle of our beloved community:

Please do not build a bus yard in the middle of our quiet and beautiful neighborhood--where our children watch spellbound as bunnies and deer graze in our gardens, where grandparents and young parents stroll with new babies in the sunshine, where children bike and play and laugh together on the street corners.

Almost every family in our neighborhood is connected to the university in some way. We are Alums, Faculty, Parents, Staff, Students, Volunteers. My family alone has been all of these. I first came to Michigan for graduate school, and I am now so proud to be teaching at the university. I have also worked as staff, and I have volunteered with many many many university activities. My children have practically grown up on the UM campus, and we joke that they know which departments host the best receptions with the best food because they have been to so many. My children have attended performances and events and camps, attended UM Children's Center when they were two, and take UM classes while in high school. The university is why we are here.

Our Martin Luther King elementary school's school colors and spirit week activities have always been maize and blue. UM is integral to King School's ambitious and academic school culture and part of students' everyday conversations about their future dreams.

Furthermore, our children are skittering across Green Road at 6:40 every morning, right at Green and Baxter, in the dark, on the ice, to catch the AATA bus to go to Huron High School. Please don't endanger them further.

Please take the time to meet our neighborhood and our families. #NoGreenRoadBusYard

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang
UM Department of Philosophy alum
UM Department of American Culture instructor
UM Center for Chinese Studies volunteer
University Musical Society and UM China Theme Year community volunteer
UM Race Theme Year community volunteer
UM Medical Centers past staff
UM Children's Center parent
UM parent
Guest speaker at UM Law School, UM Medical School, UM Libraries, UM MLK Day Symposium, UM Children's Center, UM Yuri Kochiyama Leadership Program, UM APIA High Schools Conference, UM MAASU Regional Conference, UM ITASA Midwest Conference, UM Chinese Student Association, UM Chinese Student and Scholars Association, UM Center for Chinese Studies teacher trainings, University Musical Society China Theme Year community education events, UM Race Theme Year community education events, UM classes
I have also written about UM events for Ann Arbor Observer,, Asian American Village, NBC News Asian America.

Meet our neighborhood and our families:

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