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Video: Hawai'i: Deep Beauty and Volcanic Power | Ann Arbor District Library

Finally received and watched this video of our presentation and reading about Hawaii at the downtown Ann Arbor District Library, October 29, 2013, with writer Tom Peek, visual artist Catherine Robbins, Kumu Hula June Tanoe, Professor Susan Najita, and me. It was a great three days of aloha and talk story during Tom Peek's book tour for his novel, "Daughters of Fire."

Video: Hawai'i: Deep Beauty and Volcanic Power | Ann Arbor District Library
Look beyond the idyllic tourist image of Hawaii and explore the deeper beauty and sacred heritage of Hawaii and its volcanoes through its cultural traditions, history, literature, music, and art with authors Tom Peek and Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, and artist Catherine Robbins. The program will include author readings, cross-cultural discussion, nature photography, and volcano-inspired art. The event features:
Hawaii-based writer Tom Peek, who will read from his new novel, "Daughters of Fire," a gripping story of interracial and intercultural romance, political intrigue, myth and murder, set atop the volcanoes of the Big Island of Hawaii and filled with complex characters that reveal the true heart of Hawaii.
Ann Arbor-based writer Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, who will read from her new chapbook, "Where the Lava Meets the Sea—Asian Pacific American Postcards from Hawai‘i," in which she explores the natural wonders, many cultures, and interesting characters of Big Island as she searches for home in Hawaii, and instead discovers an Asian Pacific American sense of belonging.
Hawaii-based artist Catherine Robbins, who will discuss her volcano-inspired paintings and artistic practice.
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Length: 01:20:33
Here are the time marks:

Chant by Kumu Hula June Tanoe 00:19
Introduction by Professor Susan Najita 6:43
Catherine Robbins art 17:00

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang Reading:
Introduction to "Where the Lava Meets the Sea" 29:28
Pahoa: 31:21
Kalapana Black Sand Beach 35:33
Culture on the Volcano 38:00
Aunties at the Temple 41:29
Where the Lava Meets the Sea 45:15
Tom Peek Reading 51:24
Q&A: 1:07:49

Video: Hawai'i: Deep Beauty and Volcanic Power | Ann Arbor District Library

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