Saturday, June 28, 2014

Books: An interview with poet David Mura on his latest work, "The Last Incantations" | Hyphen magazine - Asian American arts, culture, and politics

WORD. I was just thinking this and how to create a safe space for writers of color between the coasts. Ok. Will start writing again. soon. today. Thx David Mura and Hyphen magazine:
Still, let’s keep things in proportion. The refusal of so many white people on the right and left to deal with race is a far larger problem than any clichéd language or intellectual tics that writers and intellectuals of color may exhibit. And, as I’ve said [in this interview], sometimes writing anything with a white audience in mind can actually work to the detriment of the quality of one’s work. It’s hard to write well if you’re writing to an audience whose ignorance you cannot cure. And who do not want a cure.

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