Sunday, February 24, 2013

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang | NailPolishLife

Found my name on a blog called NailPolishLife? Ah! It's one of the kids from the University of Michigan Yuri Kochiyama APIA High School Leadership Program! So relieved to find I wasn't as scattered as I thought. And cute nails! Thanks Rosa.
Today  has been a pretty good day.
This morning, I woke up pretty late and then went to a meeting for a program that I’m in, the Yuri Kochiyama High School Leadership Program. There was a guest speaker today, a lady named Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, who talked about Asian-Americans and stepping outside Asian stereotypes and becoming “Badass.” hehe
Her blog is, it’s all pretty fascinating. And being Asian-American myself, I could really relate to stuff she said. Example: She mentioned how Asians take off their shoes when inside and others don’t.
Frances Kai-Hwa Wang | NailPolishLife

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