Friday, September 7, 2012

Homegrown Festival - Ann Arbor Observer

From last year's Ann Arbor Observer. This year's Homegrown Festival will be on September 8, 2012:

The rain poured down on us throughout my son Little Brother's entire soccer game at Northside Elementary School. Adults huddled under umbrellas, kids wore raincoats under their jerseys, and even the boys on the sidelines hid from the pouring rain under a makeshift tent.

I worried that the second Homegrown Festival would be rained out, as it had been the infamous first year, at Community High School. However, once the soccer game ended, so did the rain. Surprised, Little Brother, his sisters, and I headed down to the Farmers Market with renewed spirits.

I went expecting apples, and maybe some Michigan cherries. But with cornstalks strapped to all the posts, piles of strategically placed hay bales, and twinkling Christmas lights overhead as the day darkened, this was not at all just another market. With a local band at one end and a jam session at the other, the Homegrown Festival had a beat and a rhythm all its own.

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