Friday, April 2, 2010

Adventures in Multicultural Living: Hidden Treasures -

No school today, so I spend the day walking around town in the sunshine with my five-year-old boy, Little Brother, uncovering so many hidden treasures in our city.

First we go swimming at the YMCA. As we walk down Washington Street, he spots a (plastic) owl sitting on a second floor porch across the street. Leslie Science Center just visited his preschool, so he immediately identifies the specimen as “A Great Horned Owl” (rather than simply “an owl”) and he begins to hoot at it the way he just heard a real great horned owl hoot in school. When it does not respond, his brow furrows, troubled. Then he concludes that it must be asleep “because owls are nocturnal.” (click on link for more)

Hidden Treasures

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