Friday, June 24, 2022

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang Talks Divorce, Banana Covers, More in New Book | Hour Detroit

omg this incredible review in Hour Magazine!
When you pick up Frances Kai-Hwa Wang’s new book, You Cannot Resist Me When My Hair Is in Braids, published by Wayne State University Press, you have to let go of the reflexive, all-too-human impulse to pinpoint its genre. Is it a collection of prose poems with photos? A kind of experimental memoir? A collection of short, lyrical essays? 

I confess, I spent no small amount of time ruminating on these questions while reading the first half of Braids, since I would obviously need to describe it in a review. But here’s the thing: Once I let go of trying to figure out what Braids was, exactly — and instead got into the practice of approaching each short piece with an open mind and a curiosity about where Wang might take me next — I unlocked its power.
Frances Kai-hwa Wang Talks Divorce, Banana Covers, More in New Book

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