Saturday, May 1, 2021

VIDEOS: Poetry Readings: AAWAA Sowing Agency Opening and IS/LAND DIA "Lost Constellation"

Big Thanks to the Asian American Women Artists Association (AAWAA) and APICC for sponsoring the 2021 Sowing Agency Arts Exhibition and United States of Asian America Festival (USAAF2021). Here is the video of the Opening launch party. My artwork and poetry reading "Sowing Aunties" is at the 20:00 minute mark

Big Thanks also to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) for hosting IS/LAND's dance and poetry performance, "Lost Constellation," which premiered today with the beautiful talents of J. Amber Kao, Ciale, and Chien-An Yuan. You won't see me, but you will hear me and my poetry at the 3:36 minute mark.

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

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