Friday, June 19, 2015

A Letter From the Editor: NBC Asian America Marks One Year - NBC News

Happy anniversary! I'm so happy to be a part of NBC Asian America and to have the opportunity to write every day about Asian America and the good work all of you are doing for the community. Check out these top twenty stories we've written in the past year (and dudes, I wrote NINE of them!) Thanks to everyone who's helped me out this past year, and thanks especially to Karthick Ramakrishnan for the introduction! heart emoticon

Below, a look back at your top twenty stories from the last year.
  1. Indiana Sentences Purvi Patel to 20 Years for Feticide
  2. Alabama Cop Arrested for Takedown That Left Indian Man Partially Paralyzed
  3. Louisville Mourns 'Family Man' Shot After School Drop-Off
  4. Sureshbhai Patel, Grandfather Partially Paralyzed by Cop, 'Improving': Attorney
  5. Which Woman Should Replace Andrew Jackson on $20 Bill?
  6. Indian Grandfather Paralyzed After Encounter with Alabama Police
  7. Teen Pilot on Around-World Flight Found Dead in Samoa
  8. Native Hawaiians to Federal Government: Give Us Back Our Kingdom
  9. The First Multiracial Miss Universe Japan Has Been Crowned
  10. North Korea Furious Over Kim Jong Un Parody Dance Video
  11. Teen Pilot Attempts to Break Record With 30-Day Flight Around the World
  12. Paul Kalanithi, Doc Behind Essays on Dying, Succumbs to Cancer
  13. Mindy Kaling's Brother: I Posed As Black to Get Into Med School
  14. Auction of Internment Items Halted After George Takei Intervenes
  15. Margaret Cho Responds to Critics of Her Golden Globes Cameo
  16. World's Largest Hindu Temple Being Built in New Jersey
  17. Purvi Patel, Sentenced to 20 Years for Feticide, Files Appeal
  18. Congressman Mike Honda's Transgender Granddaughter Makes Him Proud
  19. Adoptees to Rachel Dolezal: You're Not Transracial
  20. Chinese Actress Sued for Her Intense Stare

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