Sunday, April 14, 2013

Second Chapbook, "Where the Lava Meets the Sea," available NOW at

Hurrah! My second chapbook is now available for purchase online from my good friend, Ryan Suda (whose birthday it was yesterday--Happy Birthday, Ryan!) at

Where the Lava Meets the Sea--Asian Pacific American Postcards from Hawaii, a collection of essays, prose poems, and short short stories

Far from where the tourists go and passing for local, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang and her children go to Hawai‘i every summer to visit grandparents and explore the Big Island’s natural wonders, many cultures, and interesting characters. Where the Lava Meets the Sea—Asian Pacific American Postcards from Hawai‘i is a collection of essays, prose poems, and short short stories through which they search for home in Hawai‘i, and they discover an Asian Pacific American sense of belonging, one that does not simply allow them to belong, but one that presumes they belong.

The binding is hand-sewn...all by the dark...during a the middle of a snowstorm...while watching the Lord of Rings trilogy for the first time...and while listing to MLK Day lectures...

Available NOW at:
Blacklava - A store for all things Asian American

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