Monday, April 1, 2013

MAASU Spring Conference 2013 FB Event Page

Midwest Asian American Student Union (MAASU) Facebook Event Page is up. Coming to University of Michigan April 5-6, 2013.
  • MAASU's annual Spring Conference is here at the University of Michigan! Invite your friends and get excited!

    With nearly a thousand attendants each year, MAASU is the biggest university student-run A/PIA (Asian/Pacific-Islander American) conference in the Midwest. It's something everyone looks forward to each year!

    Our theme this year is "Magnify/Explore Yourself; Amplify/Inspire Others". What does that mean?

    Through the lens of self-evaluation, a person can look inside to find the power of their own identity. Our vision for the MAASU Spring Conference 2013 is to provide a medium through which participants can explore themselves and others in order to develop a way to impact their community and motivate peers to do the same.

    In our community today, many students have difficultly creating a solid identify for themselves. Without identity, a sense of community is evasive. As a result of this obstacle, becoming civically engaged is increasingly difficult. Through the keynote speakers, workshops, and facilitated discussions at MAASU SC 2013, conference participants will have an unparalleled opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about themselves and establish their own identity. Upon returning to their respective communities, we hope participants will use what they have gained in order to create a meaningful impact and inspire others to take their own initiative.

    Small groups, night market, career fair, banquet, exciting performances - MAASU has it all. With over 50 workshops, you'll have both a fun and meaningful time here! We promise.

    So once again, invite your friends! We'll ensure that you'll thoroughly enjoy MAASU SC 2013!

    Visit our website for more information regarding logistics (maps, lodging information, transportation)!

    Like our Facebook page for updates and more!

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    Watch our fun promotional videos on our YouTube channel!

    We're excited to see you all here in Ann Arbor in April!

MAASU Spring Conference 2013

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