Sunday, October 10, 2010

ADVENTURES IN MULTICULTURAL LIVING--Welcome to Lake Wobegon—Gateway to Southeastern Michigan???

Principal Karr noticed the words on my sweatshirt peeking out from under my jacket and smiled wryly, “I like your Lake Wobegon shirt.”

Instantly embarrassed, I hurriedly zipped up my jacket a little further to hide the words. A vestige of younger days, I only wear this sweatshirt when I am biking or running so that no one can see it (because I am speeding by too fast). Yet I cannot bring myself to simply throw or give it away because, as the child of immigrants, I cannot waste a perfectly good shirt. I have to “use it up” first. (This is a problem I have, I know.)

In college, my best friend Martin and I used to listen to A Prairie Home Companion together every Sunday afternoon—he in his apartment, I in mine two blocks away, and then we would call each other afterwards to discuss. (I don’t know; it made sense at the time.) When A Prairie Home Companion was going off the air in 1987, we entered the lottery for two free tickets to see the last show—with nary a thought of how we would get there if we actually won.

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