Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Speaking: Vigil for Victims of Anti-Asian Violence

I'll be speaking at this vigil for the victims in Atlanta on Friday night 3/26 7pm at Umich on the Angell Hall steps (on State Street side, not the diag). Thanks for inviting me
United Asian American Organizations - UAAO

The United Asian American Organizations (UAAO) will be holding a vigil and rally for the 8 lives lost due to anti-Asian violence in Atlanta on Friday, March 26th at 7pm. The vigil will take place in-person on the steps of Angell Hall (435 State St.) at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus and be live-streamed on Facebook simultaneously.

This vigil will not only offer a space where community members can grieve and process, but it will also be a rally to reconcile the racism, sexism, and classism that leaves our most marginalized community members vulnerable. Even though the victims of this violence were not all Asian or necessarily sex workers, the perception of them as defacto Asian sex workers led to their murders. Thus, white supremacist violence cannot be separated from histories of U.S. state-sanctioned violence of colonialism, imperialism, war, incarceration, and policing.

As this is an in-person event during the pandemic, our organizing team is dedicated to respecting COVID-19 safety protocols. Everyone attending is required to wear a mask (double masking is preferred) and to maintain social distancing (6 feet or two meter gap between each other). We will have a COVID-safety team handing out masks and hand sanitizer throughout the vigil. There will be socially-distanced accessible seating, a childcare area, as well as a separate support space for those who need it.
If you are feeling unwell prior to the vigil, we ask that you remain at home and join our Facebook livestream.

UAAO will be collecting donations to distribute to community organizations @uaao_2021 on Venmo. 

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