Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Reflection for UMMA Art in your Inbox

A reflection I wrote re Interconfined by artist Dinh Q. Le for UMMA: University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) Art in your Inbox:
"Standing between two major cultural and philosophical traditions, we overlap even as we stand apart. Many of us come from both these traditions, and yet we are both here and not here, seen and not seen. We stand strong because we are woven out of the stories, traditions, food, and cultural handicrafts of our immigrant and refugee elders as we forge new identities and create lives in this new land.

The recent surge of COVID19-inspired violence targeting Asian American elders across the country has artists and activists responding with art and creative community-based solutions, interracial solidarity, and allyship. Asian American aunties sew masks for Native American communities, Black and Latino volunteers walk with Asian American elders and women, and a diverse coalition of activists and restaurants fill refrigerators and donate free meals.

Together with our elders, we step forward and weave together a beloved community where everyone is here, seen, fed, housed."
See the image and learn more about the artist

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