Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Register now for Jumpstart Your Memoir class at UHH

Last chance to register! Class starts next Tuesday at University of Hawaii Hilo!
Do you have a memoir you have been meaning to write, either for publication or just for your grandchildren, but are having difficulty getting started? Why not start here, one chapter at a time? In this short workshop, students will learn short writing exercises as well as tips and tricks—including creating a space for writing, writing every day, reading aloud, training your mind to see detail, taking chances with emotion, having fun with humor and flourishes, writing from the heart, cultivating consistency, and overcoming barriers to writing—that will start you on your way. Leave with beginning drafts of several chapters. Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, a writer, speaker, activist and multicultural educator who teaches at the University of Michigan, and is the author of “Where Lava Meets the Sea—Asian Pacific American Postcards from Hawaii” instructs this dynamic workshop that is open to anyone. Students will need a notebook and pen.
Aug 6 & 8, TTh, 5-8pm, UCB 111, 2 classes, $40
Register here: http://hilo.hawaii.edu/academics/ccecs/registration/

More at: Jumpstart Your Memoir

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