Sunday, June 23, 2024

Writing Workshop: Stories We’re Told, Stories We Tell, KYLYN Asian American Arts and Culture Festival

Excited to be a part of the KYLYN Asian American Arts and Culture Festival!

SUNDAY, June 23, 3:00pm, Ann Arbor District Library

FREE Writing Workshop

Stories We’re Told, Stories We Tell

facilitated by Kyunghee Kim and Frances Kai-Hwa Wang

This workshop invites participants to explore the narratives that shape their identities and the expectations placed upon them by family, society, and personal history. Through creative writing exercises and discussion, attendees will gain insights into the stories they've been told about themselves, the stories they tell, and most critically, the stories they want to tell. This workshop aims to: 

Uncover Hidden Narratives: Identify the cultural and familial narratives that influence our beliefs, behaviors, and relationships. 

Empower Personal Agency: Foster a sense of empowerment by recognizing the role we play in shaping our own narratives. 

Cultivate Self-Awareness: Promote self-awareness by examining how past experiences, familial and cultural expectations, and societal norms continue to shape our evolving identity. 

Promote Resilience: Explore strategies for navigating the burden of familial and cultural expectations and legacy, building resilience, and embracing authenticity. 

Foster Connection: Create a supportive environment for participants to share, listen, and learn from one another's experiences. 

By attending this workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the stories that shape their lives and develop tools to navigate the burden of expectation and legacy with greater clarity and resilience. 

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