Thursday, June 9, 2016

The savory treat of the Dragon Boat Festival and the aunties who make them | Public Radio International

Happy Duan Wu Jie everyone! An article from my friend Grace Hwang Lynch.

Thanks for the date check, Grace Hwang Lynch! I used to only know when it was duan yu jie when zhong zi would mysteriously appear on my doorstep. (oh and that one time a friend hosted a big zhong zi making party for all the Taiwanese international students and let me come too.) Last week, I asked the auntie who was selling dofu gan and hai dai if she also made zhong zi, and because she suddenly decided that she liked me, she ran out to her car and just gave me three zhong zi that a friend had made for her. Sigh, Aunties...

Soaking sticky rice now, although it won't be the same as we have no meat or leaves in the house. :(((
The kids hate it when I tell them "I made zhong zi but without the meat and without the leaves" (aka plain white sticky rice, lol)

Or my other favorite, "jiu cai he zi with out the meat and without the he zi" aka just stir fried jiu cai or "hong shao niu rou without the niu rou" aka vegetable soup.

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