Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring 2014 (18.4) issue | Ricepaper Magazine

So excited to have my creative non-fiction piece, "Skipping Hopscotch Atop Hyphens," be a part of the Spring 2014 issue of Vancouver's very cool Ricepaper Magazine, the "Hyphen Nation" issue. I love this beautiful cover!

A teaser:
One Christmas Eve, I stay up until midnight with Little Brother on Norad Tracks Santa, following Santa’s progress across the globe. After Little Brother goes to sleep, I linger a little bit longer to see if Santa has reached you yet where you are in Quebec. Then I watch Santa course from Montreal through Toronto for a late night jook before heading my way. (Surely there is someone somewhere who can replace you.)
Spring 2014 (18.4) issue | Ricepaper Magazine

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