Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Teaching at Washtenaw Community College Winter 2014

I will be teaching these courses at Washtenaw Community College Winter 2014. Sign up today!

English Special Workshop- Dare to Dream
  ENG 4055  Start 02/18/14  Mandatory Fees: $0.00  Rm. LA 160
2 sessions  Tue Thu  Tuition: $49.00  Location: Liberal Arts & Sciences Bldg   Instructor: Wang

Facing a big change or opportunity in your life? Terrified or thrilled out of your wits? Not sure if you trust that you know what you know? Learn simple but powerful methods to get the ideas out of your head and onto the page in order to write your way through this challenge. Part journaling, part business plan, lots of short writing exercises, this course aspires to create the space in your head and the courage in your heart to take those first dizzying steps as you dare to dream. Bring a notebook and pen.

Writing With Style  ENG 4004  Start 02/24/14  Mandatory Fees: $0.00  Rm. LA 272
2 sessions  Mon Wed  Tuition: $49.00  Location: Liberal Arts & Sciences Bldg   Instructor: Wang

Discover your inner voice through writing. Students will gain hands on experience on how to begin the writing processes and discover and explore their creativity.

(Note: dates of Writing with Style may change)

Chinese 1  CHN 4000  Start 01/08/14  Mandatory Fees: $10.00  Rm. TBD
10 sessions  Wed  Tuition: $189.00  Location: Main Campus   Instructor: Wang  
Chinese 2  CHN 4005  Start 03/12/14  Mandatory Fees: $0.00  Rm. LA 163
10 sessions  Wed  Tuition: $189.00  Location: Liberal Arts & Sciences Bldg   Instructor: Wang  
(Note: dates of Chinese 2 may change to March 26 to May 28)

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