Friday, June 21, 2013

V3 Asian American Digital Media Conference--kissing all the boys and making them cry

V3 Asian American Digital Media Conference sponsored by Asian American Journalists Association Los Angeles at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles is the highlight of my year, a time and space where I can be myself, see my friends, regroup, get grounded, and of course, kiss all the boys and make them cry. So great to not have to explain SEO or that I speak English. So funny to not be the only one with my pockets stuffed full of napkins. So sad not enough time for ramens this trip. And of course, so proud to have played a very very small part in connecting the conference with amazing civil rights icon Grace Lee Boggs.  OH! And I got to meet @jozjozjoz's hunky cousin Daniel Liu (which was actually a little awkward because I had already seen too much of him before, lol...)

I have already registered for next year, how about you?

Kiss the boys and make them cry! Michael Hornbuckle of 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors (

Hanging out with my friends Eric Ignacio (, Michael Hornbuckle (, Nelson Wong (, and Patrick Epino ( (who didn't cry this time, maybe I distracted him with my "Awesome Asian Bad Girl T-shirt.")

Stuffing my pockets full of napkins at the korean taco truck, lol. 

Sitting in the same spots as last year, we are such dorks (but it's not the same without @emilamok).

Working our most amazing #v3activism panel with Phil Yu (, Lisa Lee (, Jenn Pae (, Tanzila Ahmed ( and, and inexplicably, me.

We are so angry! Phil Yu of

We are even more angry! @Angry+1 you might even say! Joanna Lee.

Of course, must take a photograph with Hochie Tsai of or it never happened.

And the great search for ramens with Quincy Surasmith of Asian Americans Advancing Justice APALC and Tuesday Night Project.

Here's most of our amazing #v3activism panel, plus a few friends (Thanks Hochie Tsai for photo).

But mostly I'm just glad to be myself and among friends in the sunshine (Nelson Wong, Koji Sakai, Gil Asakawa, Eric Ignacio, Tamiko Wong.) (Thanks Eric Ignacio for photo.)

My whole life changed after Banana 2, and I keep finding myself every year at V3con. Thanks to @jozjozjoz, @hfurhman, and all the good folks at V3con and AAJA-LA for putting this together and creating this space in which we can be authentic and Asian American and writers (and digital media mavens).

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