Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Teaser from A Melting Pot of Thoughts | 13 Minutes Books

A teaser from my chapter in the upcoming "Miso for Life--A Melting Pot of Thoughts" anthology. Thanks to Mai Xuan Bui. Book launch in December in Orange County.
"As I begin to catch up with the girl's family and round the back corner of the stage, we see him standing alone in the middle of the field, his face somber, formal, his hand raised to his shoulder in salute (like Lucky Cat). He does not move. He holds her gaze as she smiles and her fingers shyly wave back as her family bundles her off towards the car and back to the other side of the island. With her long brown hair and enormous brown eyes, bright white smile set against ruddy brown skin, it is a gaze made for the movies." - Frances Kai-Hwa Wang (Miso for Life, 12/2012)
A Melting Pot of Thoughts | 13 Minutes Books

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