Friday, July 20, 2012

Chicago is the World » Culture of a Kiss

Culture of a Kiss

Another favorite article of mine reprised for the summer for Chicago is the World. What happens when Asian no-kissing culture meets Hawaiian kiss-everybody culture? And check out Ryan Suda's amazing t-shirt!
We went to an art exhibit opening and reception last night at Wailoa Art Center. Afterwards, my son, Little Brother, pouted all night because he saw me kissing the artist, “that man.”
He cannot kiss me ever again, he says, and he rubs and rubs his skin with his shirt, to wipe off every last kiss that I give him. I try to explain that, actually, I was kissed BY the artist, that sometimes people kiss hello on the cheek just like others shake hands. But he will have none of it. This is not the first time we have had this conversation, but what am I supposed to do?
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