Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thanks Angry Asian Man and USF APA Students for making my day!!

great twitter exchange yesterday, Angry Asian Man is the best!

fkwang Frances Kai-Hwa Wang
signing out for now @JusticeConf see you next year in chicago #ajc2011 i'm off to talk to USF students about cultivating APA identity!
28 Oct

JusticeConf Advancing Justice
@fkwang Thanks for coming out here and happy travels! Loved hearing your thoughts on the social media panel yesterday.
28 Oct

angryasianman Angry Asian Man
@fkwang Lucky USF students!
28 Oct

apascusf APASC
Yes we are! RT: @angryasianman: @fkwang Lucky USF students!
28 Oct

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