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I am working on a book about raising children with cultures and pride (and preparing children for racism). In the meantime, here are some of the parenting and teen workshops that I offer (talks can be tailored to your group), and some resources that I have written in years past (there are more). 

  • Asian American History and Resistance
  • Multicultural Toolbox--Strategies for Raising our Children with Culture(s) and Pride
  • Parenting Beyond Amy Chua Tiger Mother (Hint: It's more than violin lessons and no sleepovers)
  • Strategies for Raising Bilingual and Multilingual Children
  • Preparing our Children for Racism
  • Teaching Our Kids to Critically Read and Deflate Media Stereotypes
  • APA Girl Power!
  • Talking to your kids about COVID-inspired anti-Asian American racism and bullying (and how to stand up for their friends)

Angry Asian American Parenting Guide and more resources

Until then, here are some resources I have written (Apologies, some of these are very old, but I put newer ones at the top.)

Angry Asian American Parenting Guide

How to Raise Strong and Confident Asian Pacific American Daughters | InCultureParent

Preparing Little Brother for a Mass Shooting – Reappropriate

Essay: With Great Privilege Comes Great Responsibility

Lessons I do not want to teach my children–about Dharun Ravi, Trayvon Martin, Shaima Alawadi | InCultureParent

Chicago is the World » Justice for Trayvon, Justice for all our children

Preparing our Children for Racism — Part 1 | InCultureParent

Preparing our Children for Racism, Part 2 | InCultureParent

Why Diversity in Children's Books Matters | InCultureParent

Archives for more:

Essays Frances Kai-Hwa Wang: Essays

InCultureParent frances-kai-hwa-wang Archives | InCultureParent

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